My Sentence

If you asked me to describe my personality to you, I could answer it easily; I’m outgoing, spontaneous, friendly and energetic.

I found myself challenged when I recently watched Daniel Pink’s video that asks individuals to ask themselves this question:  what is your sentence?

In my 21 years of living, I have been trying to discover my purpose in life- who I am, who I want to be, etc.  While I have a pretty generic idea of what my purpose is, I found it extremely difficult to come up with one sentence to describe myself.  In the world we live in, I feel that it is often difficult for people to express their originality and be completely authentic.  Being an individual and being my true self was something my parents raised me on, and while it hasn’t always been easy, I feel that it something I have always challenged myself to do.  After much thought and reflection, I have come up with my sentence.

“She challenges others to be true to themselves and be the best they can be, while doing the same for herself.”

How did I come up with this sentence you might ask? Here’s a look at my thought process.

Q: What are my top three personal strengths?
A:  Hardworking, positive, communicator.

Q: What are my top three talents?
A: Laughing at my own jokes, quoting movies, karaoke.
(I am also known to occasionally tap dance, or go into full Broadway musical mode).

Q: Core area of expertise?
A: Leading by example, encouraging others to always challenge themselves to chase after what they want, and being a friend to all.

Q: What can I do better than anyone else?
A: Listen.  Whether that means in class, or to an upset friend at 4am, or to a family member, or to a child that needs help with homework, or in the work force.

I experience challenging others, and myself, to continuously improve themselves on a daily basis, and it will be something I continue to do for the rest of my life.  I think my sentence is a combination of where I am and where I would like to continue going with my life.   My sentence simultaneously shows my love of caring for others, as well as respecting my wants to be a successful individual.

It is my hope that by challenging myself I will continue to grow into the person I would like to be, and have that lead me to my future.


Challenging young students at Jackson Elementary to follow their dreams, and be anything they would like to be.



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