What does Google have to say about me?

Have you ever typed your name into the Google search engine to see what comes up?  Were you impressed or unimpressed with yourself?

When I recently typed my name into Google to see what would come up, I was honestly okay with what I saw.  I figured the first few links that would pop up with pertain to my social media accounts, and they were.  But, these accounts were all linked by my nickname, Kayla.  Though my Mom doesn’t necessarily love the idea of me not going by my full name (Mikayla), this nickname was given to me years ago and has stuck around with my introductions, social media, and every day interactions.  It is a rare occassion that I call myself “Mikayla” anymore. So, I decided to search “Mikayla”, being that it is my real name and all, as well.  I was some what taken back when I saw images pop up of my senior pictures, and from award ceremonies I have attended.  One of the first links that popped up was a link to an article I wrote for the Crieghtonian, and another tagged to an article that was written about one of the service awards I received as a freshmen.  I am not one to brag about myself (trust me, as an only child, my mother does plenty of it for me) but after searching my name in Google and seeing so many things pop up that were positive, and reflected many of my achievements, it was with ease that I could say I was rather impressed with myself and all that I have accomplished in a short amount of time.

In class we recently checked our social media scores through Klout.  I wasn’t surprised to see that I had a rather high score, since social media is so big within my generation.  Klout allowed me to check the amount of activity going on with my Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest- you name it.  It was cool to see the active history and how much your activity increases or decreases from month to month.  The last time I checked my score I was at 55, and I am hoping with adding becoming more active on some new social media accounts (LinkedIn, primarily) and continuing positive messages through them in the future my activity and score will increase.

Within the upcoming months, it’s my goal to brand myself and become more familiar with LinkedIn and Google+.  While Twitter and Facebook can be professional and fun, I think as a college student it is also important to have a site that completely shows off you in a positive light, represents your personal brand, and shows what you are capable of doing in a professional world.

If you haven’t already, create a Klout account and see what your score is.  Here’s a look at my Klout homepage.

What does Google have to say about you?



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