Time wasted or well spent?

We’re all guilty of getting lost into the wonders of the internet for amounts of time that are completely unnecessary.  Most of the time when I find myself wandering aimlessly and subconsciously clicking on things I actually don’t care about.  In my opinion, this happens most often on Facebook- coming across new relationship status’, how it’s someone I haven’t seen in 5 year’s birthday, and pictures from the latest date party over the weekend.  However, there have been times where I have found myself intrigued by interesting articles and ideas that have made my wasted time worth the while.

Every once in a while, I will find interesting posts to links on Facebook and Twitter.  This past weekend I found an article that was shared by a high school classmate from Elite Daily.  The somewhat controversial and opinionated article discussed Generation Y in comparison to the era of “hippies”.  While the post wasn’t a reflection of my personal views, I read it a few times and sent it to some of my friends.  Though it didn’t have anything to do with worldly news, or factual information, it made me think about what the author was saying, and was much more interesting than my boring newsfeed, so it was worth my while.

I have also found cool and different ideas for projects, organization and health related things online mainly thanks to Pinterest.  While it can be easy to waste time quickly on Pinterest from of getting caught up in DIY projects and articles on travel tips, the ideas that are often found are worth reading into.

Thanks to the various forms of social media we have today on the internet, it is easy to waste time, but, it is also easy to find thinks that spark new ideas and your interests.  If you are feeling guilty about spending too much time online, limit yourself.  School and work come first, but rewarding yourself with browsing the internet for 15 minutes as a study break gives you plenty of time to read and browse both the good and irrelevant.  I use the “Self Control” app on my computer that blocks certain websites for a set amount of time that is up to your discretion.  I got it during my first semester of college, and it has worked wonders ever sense! The internet can be a beautiful thing when used wisely.


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