Double Vision

I have always believed that good things come in 3’s.

I am a fan of the number 3 for a few reasons specifically pertaining to sports.  First being that it is one of my lucky numbers; second being that 3 point shots in basketball lead to winning games; and third, Creighton’s own player, #3, Doug McDermott.

With each progressing week, the Creighton men’s basketball team continues to get recognition for their successful first season in the Big East Conference.  Students, fans, and alumni all tune in each week to watch the team carry on the Creighton tradition of basketball.  For those who are unable to tune in to the game on TV or make it to the stands, fans can rest assured knowing that they can follow the game via their Twitter timelines or with ESPN ScoreCenter.  It makes sense that fans who are unable to actually watch the game would want to follow it in some shape, form or fashion.  However, fans absent from the game are not the only ones following the Jays on social media.

Standing in the student section of each home game you can look around and be guaranteed to see students on their phones following what people are saying on social media.  During the infamous newspaper toss and pump up song to “Power” by Kanye West, students are on their mobile devices adding the excitement to their Snapchat stories and snapping pictures to send to their friends at rival schools.   Doug makes a shot?  Tweets about how he is up for player of the year flood Twitter timelines.  Wragge makes 7 3-point shots within a few minutes of the game?  #WRAGGEBOMBS!  Students love to engage in not only what is happening on the court but also on Twitter.  As a long time Creighton basketball fan, and student myself, I can say that I have participated in this “second-screen” phenomenon.  While it’s fun to tweet out messages to the team, and  tweet inside jokes like #FixThePool and #Villanovarated, I feel that too many times we miss out on the moment- the unforgettable plays that are not as awesome watching them in instant replay.  Kind of like how when people go to a concert to see their favorite artist and spend the entire time taking videos and pictures of them- you’re seeing it still, but it isn’t the same as giving your full attention to the present moment.  For me, this is a major drawback with the second-screen phenomenon.  An example of another major drawback would be the negative communication that stirs up when the team isn’t playing too hot, or fans from rival schools start to smack talk our beloved Bluejays.

Despite the fact that having a second-screen during a basketball game or your favorite TV show, I believe that it can endorse what you are watching.  Congratulatory tweets after a big win (like Sunday’s game against Villanova), and interactions with players are ways that make Twitter during basketball games so great.  And hearing about what the rest of the world thinks about the little Jesuit school in the middle of the U.S. who is really great at basketball is sure to put a smile on fans, players and coaches’ faces after a big game.

My advice:  if you are as big of a bluejay basketball fan as I am, do yourself and the team a favor and watch them without your devices for one game.  Then go back and see what everyone had to say about the game during halftime, or when it’s over.  You’ll be glad you didn’t miss out on any exciting, Sports Center worthy moments, and will still get to smile at all the tweets in the end.

Here’s some of my favorite tweets from the game this past weekend.   The Jays took on no.6 ranked Villanova for the second time at home, won 101-80 and moved themselves back onto the top rankings in the NCAA.  McDermott also impressed the nation with surpassing Larry Bird’s 13th place record on the NCAA’s all-time scoring list. Image



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