Fool for April Fool’s

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a fan of good pranks.  And I am also quite gullible and fall for pranks all the time.

While I may be a fan of pranksters, I myself am not the best at pulling off pranks.  Maybe it’s because I can’t lie.  Maybe it’s because I’m gullible.  Who knows.  I tried to pull a prank on my roommates this year and they just looked at me and said, “yeah yeah nice try Kayla”.  

I wish that I could say that I was as clever as this group of classmates that pulled a prank on their professor last Monday on April Fool’s Day.  Students from Aquinas College took a spin on their professors “cell phone rule”.  The rule was that if your phone goes off during class, it’s fine, you may answer it, however, students must put their phone on speaker phone.  One student decided to play a trick on the professor for April Fool’s day that surely fooled him.  The Huffington Post called the prank genius.  And it was.  I won’t go in to much detail and ruin the surprise of the prank, but it went viral on Twitter and Facebook.  With things such as this, social media makes it easy to have things go viral.  Remember Jessica and her daily affirmations?  That video took off with Facebook.  Or what about all of Ellen’s pranks she pulls on her guests?  Or what about the videos that aren’t funny.  The ones that can actually cause harm to individuals if they go viral.  For example the latest fad with the Facebook “nomination drinking game“.  While it may seem like just fun and games to those participating, it is dangerous and can come back to haunt you in the future.   It seems like every week there is a new viral video popping up, and it is all thanks to social media.  


Here is the link to the video.



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