I believe Heaven is for real

Heaven.  A beautifully terrifying concept.  Is it real?  Is it mythical?  How do we know? Does it exist?  These are questions that many individuals find themselves pondering frequently.

I have grown up in a fairly religious family.  I was baptized into the catholic church, attend mass on a regular basis, and am a short year away from finishing my Jesuit, collegiate education.  I have my beliefs and accept those that differ from my own, and I’ve had my fair share of questions and doubts.  I feel that many people can relate when I say that I’ve had my doubts.  With the evil in the world, and when bad things happen to good people, it’s easy to wonder, “how can God let this happen?”  Over the course of the last few years, my opinions have began to become less doubtful.

My doubts began to become less doubtful when I received the book, “Heaven Is For Real” as a graduation gift.  At first I was skeptical about a 4-year-old named Colton Burpo and his near death experiences and visit to Heaven.  But once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.  I read it in a single day because I couldn’t put it down.  Since then, the books popularity has skyrocketed and touched thousands of readers as it did myself.  Last week, “Heaven Is For Real” came out in theaters.  I went to see it a few days ago, and the movie seemed to have everyone talking.  I won’t get into details so that you can experience Heaven through Colton’s experience on your own, but, Colton’s story is very true, real and incredibly unbelievable.  It is amazing to see how the impact of this little boy’s story has transformed many doubts in the afterlife.  Today trending on Twitter and Instagram is #IBelieveHeavenIsForReal.  This allows people to send in themselves saying that they believe Heaven is for real.  The movies Twitter account has also been active in inspiring faith in people by tweeting bible verses, and retweets of experiences after seeing the movie that people are sharing.





Whether people are religious or not, the detail and certainty of Colton’s adventure to Heaven and back is leaving people speechless.  “How is it possible that a 4-year-old has the mentality to understand these concepts?”  I asked myself with tears filling in my eyes after I first read the book.  I think the reason why so many people say they don’t believe, is because they are fearful of the uncertainty.   To those who think this way, I say, you need to experience “Heaven Is For Real”.  It’s oddly captivating and you cannot help but believe.  Of course there are many who have already expressed they believe this is a total hoax, but that’s just a slim few among thousands that have been fully mesmerized by this story.

I am not trying to force anyone to believe anything here.  I am all for everyone being entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.  However, if you ever lose sight of faith, or are needing some inspiration, experience Colton’s story with an open heart and see that there is hope in the afterlife.


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