Closing Time

It’s finally here.  Summer time.  Well… almost…

Tuesday marks the official start of my summer vacation.  I will be finished with in class final exams, projects that I have spent weeks working on, and final drafts of papers will be turned in.  This also starts the beginning of the end: senior year.  I can’t believe it.  So many things have happened this semester both in and outside of the classroom, and I will be ending the semester learning more than ever.  

The whole reasoning for me starting this blog was for my social media class.  Most people would think, “Oh, that’s so easy…how is that a class?”  but there is so much more to social media than one would think.  I have learned first hand how much social media affects our daily lives, and how having useful, appropriate social media platforms are crucial to both individual accounts and business or professional accounts.  I liked that this class went beyond just learning the basics about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  We learned how metrics and analytics are used by companies to measure traffic to their pages.  We learned about content marketing and how it can help boost a company or organization’s image.  We learned how to present in a fun, energetic and non-boring way, yet how to remain professional.  And finally we learned how to build our personal brand.  I would have to say that learning about building my personal brand was the most useful because it is something that will stick with me far beyond this class.  It is important to be aware of the image that you want to portray of yourself on social media, so having an idea of how you are going to develop that image plays a large role in the development of your personal brand.  My mind has changed on the fact that, in the business sense, if something is not working for your organization, you need to change it, and keep figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  You are only hurting yourself if you continue to do what doesn’t work.  

Some of my favorite things we learned over the course of the semester included:

1. Steve Jobs and his enthusiastic and engaging way of presenting.
2. Lowe’s use of Vine to promote different useful tips through their hashtag #LowesFixInSix
3. How to manage your own metrics of your personal Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts through Klout.
4. Google Hangouts, for when you can’t hangout colleagues or coworkers
5. Pinterest isn’t just for wedding boards and girly cocktails, but is useful for men as well.  I hope boards such as this one will inspire my future husband to always dress to impress


Though this class is ending, and my weekly required posts will no longer be a requirement over the summer, I hope that I can get creative and come up with posts so that I can continue blogging.  Shout out to Dr. Zuegner for all that you have taught our social media class this semester. 


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