Forever bleeding blue

Each student has their reasons for why they are glad they chose Creighton.  Personally, I chose Creighton because I was unsure of what would come of it.  And it has certainly exceeded my expectations three years later.

I grew up in Omaha, and originally wanted nothing to do with the thought of going to school in Nebraska.  My parents signed me up to go to a CU Sunday during my senior year, and I wasn’t sold.  It wasn’t until I attended Summer Preview that I realized I bleed blue, and made my decision to become a Bluejay.

While I wouldn’t recommend pulling all-nighters now, staying up all night at Summer Preview with 20 complete strangers was what made me choose Creighton. We talked about growing up, played stupid games, laughed like little kids and sat on the wall that over looks 24th street to watch the sun rise.  In that moment, I couldn’t see myself at any other university.

During my first semester, I still contemplated whether or not I had picked the right university.   Then I remembered the reasons why I chose Creighton in the first place, and all of the reasons why I had chose to stay. I stayed for the friendships that were built, and the support I had gained by being a Creighton student.

The students that were once strangers to me at Summer Preview, quickly turned into lifelong friends. The difficult coursework that made me struggle during my first semester, turned into knowledge I will be forever thankful I have.  And, my decision to stay a Bluejay is by far the smartest choice I have ever made.  Without even realizing it, Creighton had quickly started to feel like family.  Creighton is my family.  And for that reason, I am glad I chose Creighton.


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