Do you like Cheezburgers?

One change after another… that’s what we’re used to today.


In our constantly changing technological, modern world, it can often be difficult to come up with new creative strategies to support our journey to success.  With today’s different forms of social outlets, our world of media will continue to see the affects of it’s change in the future.

Carlo De Marchis wrote in his blog post “The 3 big disruptions of media landscape” what companies and entrepreneurs need to thrive in the upcoming years and survive our ever-changing world of media.  The three main disruptions De Marchis discussed were: 1. disruption of media consumption, 2. disruption of media communication, and 3. disruption of media production.  He found that each of these three things are interconnected and in order to help our companies survive in facing future challenges, we need to first understand their impact, but also the opportunities they could potentially bring.

In breaking down each disruption, here is what I discovered in accordance with De Marchis:

  1. We now have multiple screens grabbing our attention at once and we are consuming media through our phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions just to name a few.
  2. We have moved from communication to conversation.  The audience is more active now.  Taking a step back and looking at social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, this really creates a sense of a true reality.

De Marchis said, “All actors are becoming media outlets, they all want to own the conversation with the audience and monetize it.”  Here he discusses why everyone wants to become a broadcaster.

  1. Mobile devices, social platforms and new technologies open a wealth of opportunities to create content in real time, from different angels, involving directly the actors of the action.  The two main forces in which this is done are through social and mobile.

One disruption distracts another.  Although this may seem to be quite negative, I believe if it is taken in a positive light, similar to how De Marchis does in his conclusion, I think that entrepreneurs and companies will be able to overcome any challenges presented in the future.

With the disruptions of media consumption, we can look at it is more ways to consume content.  With the disruptions of media communication, we can look at it as a conversation with more sources of content.  And with disruption of media production, we can look at it as a digital native for content production giving more and more variety of content to share.

De Marchis’ post reminded me of the video we discussed in class last week about the website Cheezburger.  I think Cheezburger is a prime example of a way of taking a social platform and making it into fun content which granted to be successful.  This example of journalism entrepreneurship is appealing because it supports the idea that an entrepreneur took their idea and made it to be successful online.  Cheezburger also supports the fact that the opportunities are endless when it comes to entrepreneurship, it just takes the right person with new ideas and the drive to bring their ideas to life.

I think what appeals most to me about journalism entrepreneurship is that our society is infatuated with media, and creating something pertaining to an online platform would be appealing to your audience.  What scares me the most though, is the fact that our social world changes daily, weekly, and monthly.  Every year there is a new platform that is better than the one before it, but I think that that is the beauty in it for all entrepreneurs–things are always changing so there will be ways to make your ideas fit.


Photo courtesy of Flickr


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