Just Keep Swimming

Diving beneath the surface of a local Maryland blog unveils a plethora of entertainment, news and creativity.

Recently I was introduced to a list of blogs that feature local content.  The Baltimore Fishbowl is swimming with interesting daily posts that are fun, factual and sometimes even filled with a little controversy.  Michelle McClellan of the Reynolds Journalism Institute has a list featuring numerous local sites and blogs about them.

The Baltimore Fishbowl was launched in 2011.  Over the years Baltimore Fishbowl has been recognized for its exceptional site design created by freelancers, and its publisher, Susan Dunn. The site also features posts from different users such as CBS Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun, and local TV stations. The Baltimore Fishbowl is extremely user friendly, and generates content, news, images, and stories from all areas of the region.

The sites daily articles are flooded with posts on local schools, real estate, community, money, culture and lifestyle.  The audience for the site is fitting for teenagers to the elderly living in Baltimore.  Categories on the blog include things such as health and fitness, movie reviews, and shopping in addition to any important headline local news.  Users can have posts, series, essays or social media platforms sponsored too.  How is all of this great content paid for?  It’s sponsored by a variety of advertisements, and the site provides an interesting breakdown of its demographics, advertising, traffic and reach  Here is a bit of what is provided in the breakdown:

  • Ads are sold on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, ranging from $100-500.
  • Demographics: 56% female; 44% male; Median age is 38; Education level: 72% have bachelor degree or higher; Household income: 54% higher than $150,000.
  • Monthly traffic: approximately 100,000 views, and over 50,000 visitors
  • Reach:  all over Maryland, but primarily from Baltimore City.

I was beyond impressed with this local blog, and even more impressed by its success.  The writing is professional, yet not too flatulent.  The photos are local, and the stories are relatable.  I believe these elements make this site so successful, and I would love to see more regions partake in movements such as this one.  Sometimes individuals focus too much on the larger picture, national news.  While that news is still relevant and important, it’s nice to see locals taking an initiative to have their word heard on all aspects of their community.


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