Colors two it is you we defend


“Once a bluejay, always a bluejay.”

That is what seems to be the motto of the person behind the White and Blue Review– a blog turned website dedicated to Creighton University athletics.  @CreightonOtter recently explained to my entrepreneurial media class that his love for Creighton sports was established at a young age.  He began attending bluejay basketball games as a little tike, and he claimed that it was a time for him and his father to bond.  Since then, the Creighton graduate has only missed a handful of home basketball games, and still shares an adoration for the game.

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 @CreightonOtter’s long time love for bluejay sports and devotion to Creighton athletics lead him to begin the White and Blue Review.  The site features every Creighton athletic team with stories on recent stats, games, and recruitment.  Additionally, the site has its own photographer that shares original photos and video clips from every game and major tournament the athletic teams participate in.

@CreightonOtter discussed with the class the challenges he has faced in running the White and Blue Review, the benefits, and his hopes for the future of site.  His honesty is something that I believe our entire class appreciated, as the majority are graduating seniors preparing to enter the real world. He said that being an entrepreneur is not always easy, but what I learned is that when you have passion for what you’re doing, anything is possible.  When listening to him speak, it was obvious that his passion is what lead him to where he is today.  @CreightonOtter also told us things that have kept him going are having a good support system– his consists of his family, friends and coworkers.  I also learned that it’s all about who you know, and being at the right place at the right time.  Luckily for @CreightonOtter, that is where many of the White and Blue Review’s successes launched.  What struck me is that there are so many other competitors out there in addition to the White and Blue Review who are also Creighton fanatics.

Overall, @CreightonOtter’s discussion was incredibly intriguing.  He has been there through all of the major eras of Creighton sports, and that is something incredibly unique and special to him.  He has seen Creighton as the reigning champions of the Valley, many tournament titles, trips to major NCAA tournaments, the transformation from basketball coach Dana Altman, to current head coach, Greg McDermott.   He was there during the times of now professional players such as Anthony Tolliver, and Kyle Korver, and watched as the bluejays broke records during the Doug McDermott era with the university’s switch to the Big East.  It was an inspiration to hear his journey, and know that Creighton fans are loyal. I am certainly looking forward to my journey post-graduation, and am excited to become a loyal Creighton alumni and fan too.

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