Hear Nebraska


Following your dreams can be hard.  While it’s a good thing to allow your passions to lead you in your career, it is sometimes easier said than done.

Andrew Norman of Hear Nebraska recently visited my Entrepreneurial Media class and told us his story.  Hear Nebraska is a non-profit start up that is a cultural organization that “cultivates Nebraska’s vibrant, fertile music and arts community by providing resources and a voice for bands, artists, and members of Nebraska’s creative class and the people and businesses that support them.”   I really enjoyed hearing Andrew’s story and learned a lot from him.  Here’s a few of my biggest take-aways from Andrew:

  • Work hard every single day.  Andrew shared with us his struggles, successes and hard work put in through out his education and upon the beginning of his career.  It was clear to see how hard of a worker he continues to be today, and as young professionals quickly approaching the real world, I think this was something my entire class could agree is important.
  • Make it work.  Sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it” in your career.  In Andrews case, this helped him learn, and grow from the challenges he was faced with through out his career path.
  • You will be happy if you allow your passions to lead you.  It won’t always be easy, but when you are doing something that is worthwhile, and meaningful to you, it will encourage you to strive towards your goals all the more.

Nearing the beginning of the journey of my own career, I believe that many of these lessons I will take and grow with.  I think that in a sense I have already allowed my passions to guide my career path.  The decision of pursuing graduate school for Student Affairs did not come with ease.  However, I knew where my passions lied, where I wanted to be, and what makes me happiest.  I hope that this is something I never lose sight of throughout my career– I know that it has already proven to be worthwhile.


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