Freedom of Freelance

When I hear the word, “freelance”, I can feel myself tense.  I’m not sure why, but I believe that this may be due to the somewhat scary thought of not being paid for your work, or the somewhat stereotypical association of freelancers working out of their parents basement.


However, my opinion of freelancing changed when Daphne Eck visited my entrepreneurial media class last week.  Daphne is a writer and content strategist– and this is how she referred to herself.  Suddenly, the idea of being an independent worker wasn’t quite so intimidating. Daphne explained her 17 years of experience in the design, marketing and creative fields, and told our class that after working under someone for a while, she decided to branch off and do her own thing.  Daphne’s husband did this a few years prior to her decision to go independent, and she said he was the source behind her inspiration.

Daphne was honest when she talked about how this can be a tough field– especially as a freelancer– but it offers the freedom of being able to work on what you want to work on, work closely with what your passionate about, make your own schedule,etc.  Another cool aspect of working for yourself is that you are able to pick and choose who you want to work with and what types of projects spark your interest.

I think that freelance work is definitely not for everyone, and before I was not sure that I would really like it.  I am the type of person that would have to have a structured schedule every day so that I could ensure getting everything done.  I learned that freelancing isn’t as bad as it can sometimes sound to be, and I think I could try it someday. It would be nice to be your own boss, and have the flexibility in setting your own schedule and tailoring clients to your personal wants and needs.  One thing that really intrigued my interest was the fact that you are able to travel to anywhere as long as you have WiFi access; who wouldn’t love their job if it has a view of mountains or the Pacific?


Cathy Solarana, owner of Wheelhouse Collective spoke with us today.  Her quirky and realistic personality was incredibly relatable and I really enjoyed her story.  I thought it was interesting when she talked about how you continue to develop skills throughout your time as a professional, and build a network.  I also appreciated her encouragement of not wasting your time working with people that are negative and anything less than pleasant.   From the young professionals that I know, I feel that this is an area that is really sticky and tricky for many individuals because they are fresh to the field, and don’t quite know how to dance around these individuals.

Although right out of undergrad I will not be going directly into this field, I feel that if I would ever return someday I would love to try out this type of work as an independent.  I feel confident that I will allow my passions to lead my career– no matter where it takes me in the future.


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