Freedom of Freelance

When I hear the word, “freelance”, I can feel myself tense.  I’m not sure why, but I believe that this may be due to the somewhat scary thought of not being paid for your work, or the somewhat stereotypical association of freelancers working out of their parents basement. However, my opinion of freelancing changed when […]

Colors two it is you we defend

“Once a bluejay, always a bluejay.” That is what seems to be the motto of the person behind the White and Blue Review– a blog turned website dedicated to Creighton University athletics.  @CreightonOtter recently explained to my entrepreneurial media class that his love for Creighton sports was established at a young age.  He began attending bluejay […]

Shaping Strategies

After reading the Harvard Business Review’s article, “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy”, I think young business students and entrepreneurs will be more prepared for their futures. Michael Porter’s five forces teaches you to prepare for situations prior to them happening, and recognizes that there are ways to potentially predict the direction of an industry. These competitive […]

Just Keep Swimming

Diving beneath the surface of a local Maryland blog unveils a plethora of entertainment, news and creativity. Recently I was introduced to a list of blogs that feature local content.  The Baltimore Fishbowl is swimming with interesting daily posts that are fun, factual and sometimes even filled with a little controversy.  Michelle McClellan of the Reynolds […]